Welcome to Wyvern... ( *shudder* )

 Ok, now that the cheesy / corny welcome messages are over with, lets begin.

First, let me explain things.  I'm Trazeur.  And the rest you'll find out as you go along.  Hopefully.

Try the tabs, find out more, and quack.
Oh, just click one already.

And tell your friends. 
( Although, since your reading this page all the way to the bottom, you probably don't have any.  Oh well. )


Oh, i nearly forgot to add the fake copyright details...  Wait, not fake anymore...  YAY!! BERNE CONVENTION!!

Copyright © TrazeurNet 2009
There we go, all finished.

Seriously though, go get a life.  And try not to plagiarise too much.  ( Is that spelt correctly?  Not sure... )

Quack. ( Again )